Meet Byron & Leigh


Byron Li

Co-Founder & Head Teacher


Leigh William Howarth

Co-Founder & Head Teacher

Our Background

Born in Sydney, Australia

Enjoys yoga, reading, football, and teaching

Currently working in Thailand as an English teacher.

Born in Ontario, Canada

Enjoys teaching, traveling, fitness, and cycling

Currently working as an English  teacher.



Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)

CPA Qualified (Certified Public Accountant)

TEFL Certified

Bachelor of Biology (Psychology Minor)

Bachelors of Education (BEd) and OCT (Ontario College of Teachers) Certified

TESOL Certified




Professional Accountant- 4 Years

English Teacher- 5 Years

Buddhist monk- 2 Years

Fitness Instructor- 3 Years

English Teacher- 2 Years

Fitness Instructor- 2 Years

Elementary Teacher- 1 Year


I believe education is one of the key areas in life because it empowers us to be the best versions of ourselves and enables us to serve our communities to the best of our abilities.

The world of tomorrow will be lead by the children of today and as teachers, it is our responsibility to prepare and equip them with all the knowledge and wisdom available to us today.

It is my wish that through Happy Learning Club, we can build a community of inspired children and continually providing them with high-quality education, engaging content, and wholesome values.

Let's work for our children together!

Through my travels, I’ve formed deep relationships while learning new perspectives. In my classroom, I share stories respectfully, encouraging students to understand many perspectives.

Inquiry-based learning is an objective in my classroom, aiming to develop student’s ability to ask and seek information leading to deeper understanding. I guide students to think critically helping them become responsible, passionate, inclusive citizens.

An effective educator must continue to develop their knowledge and skill in the field. This means continuing professional development, building strong relationships with more experienced and wiser educators, and always maintaining a growth mindset.

“I’m always learning something, learning never ends” Raymond Carver